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Residential Solar

We are full-service solar solutions provider within the residential marke. We provide everything you need to power your home with clean solar energy.


Our experienced crew performs complete and high quality grid connected solar system installation.

Our unprecedented high standard of service has made us a preferred choice in the Gladstone Region.

We understand that the needs of every family and every home is different. Each system is customised to the customers budget, electricity usage and availability of roof space.


Our Process:

  • Undertake a full analysis of your energy usage and tailor the design of the appropriate solar system to maximise savings

  • Assess site suitability for the proposed system

  • Provide a comprehensive business case outlining the financial returns to your business with simple explanations of how these figures are achieved

  • Consult directly with the electricity network operators to ensure your commercial solar power system is approved for grid connection

  • Manage the application for relevant government solar incentives

  • Project manage the entire installation process engaging with all key stakeholders ensuring minimum disruption to business operation

  • Provide full after-install service and maintenance with the peace of mind of 24/7 system monitoring to ensure you system is always performing at its full potential

We can help you with everything. Custom design, energy evaluation, financing, installation, repairs, warranties and ongoing maintenance. 

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